Ensure commercial lien perfection

As commercial lenders continue to navigate an increasingly volatile financial landscape, reducing risk through lien perfection has never been more critical. Wolters Kluwer offerings are key to reducing portfolio risk and ensuring ongoing lien perfection: 

1. File bulk amendments.

Our bulk amendment filing service improves productivity by streamlining UCC processes — reducing errors and delays. By ensuring that filings and updates are properly completed in a timely manner, lenders can better manage portfolio risk while overcoming challenges that compromise lien perfection.

2. Portfolio cleanup.

Our Professional Services team can help lenders identify and import missing UCC filings, remove duplicates, correct entity information and properly categorize individuals and businesses. By improving data quality and enabling lenders to focus on core business priorities, the service is especially useful to financial institutions that manage large and/or rushed portfolio acquisitions in which liens must be updated to reflect the new owner and acquired assets require data scrubbing.

3. Lien data import and portfolio consolidation.

As organizations merge, differences and inconsistencies in processes and data quality can make it difficult to ensure that all debtor information is correct and complete. Lenders can work with our Professional Services team to identify data gaps and import all lien data into a consolidated portfolio, then use automated monitoring to track debtor activities and act as needed to maintain ongoing lien perfection.

4. Corporate data scrub & legacy monitoring.

Lenders can ensure that their liens are continuously monitored for accuracy by utilizing our corporate data scrub and UCC debtor and business entity monitoring, which properly identify debtors, complete missing entity information and validate public records.

Shunhuan Morris
Director of Product Management, Cross Product Optimization and Strategy
[email protected]

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