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Texas Bankers Foundation presents State National Bank with donation for SNB Gives fund

On Monday, April 15, State National Bank received a generous donation of five thousand dollars from the Texas Bankers Foundation, the charitable arm of the Texas Bankers Association (TBA), in support of SNB GIVES, a 501(c)(3) fund established by State National Bank to address community needs, particularly in times of crisis, like the recent Panhandle Wildfires. 

Deke Alexander, President of State National Bank, expressed the motivation behind SNB GIVES, stating, "We wanted to partner with the community to create a fund to serve in times of crisis…this was expedited by the Panhandle wildfires." 

Chris Furlow, President and CEO of the Texas Bankers Association, commended State National Bank's initiative, saying, "The Texas Bankers Association and our Foundation are pleased to support the SNB Gives fund which is directing vital resources to help Panhandle communities recover from this disaster as quickly as possible.” 

Following the donation ceremony, Furlow and Alexander, accompanied by Libby Clark, TBA Vice President of Member Relations, took a helicopter ride to survey the extensive damage caused by the wildfires. Furlow reflected, "The community bankers at State National Bank truly understand the local impacts of the wildfires on families, small businesses, farmers, and ranchers.” 

Deke Alexander expressed gratitude for the donation, stating, "We are humbled by this generous donation as it is a substantial enrichment to our growing fund...and we see it as a testimony to TBA's commitment to supporting us as a bank and to supporting our community." 

SNB GIVES was launched on March 1, 2024, and individuals or organizations interested in donating or learning more can visit or State National Bank's Facebook page. Donations can also be sent via mail to the Groom, TX branch at 99 Broadway Avenue, Groom Texas, 79039. 

Those seeking assistance from SNB GIVES can email State National Bank at [email protected] with their name, phone number, email, and a brief description of the support needed. 

SNB GIVES supports a wide range of community needs, including individuals, other support organizations requiring additional funding, and first responders aiding the community during disasters like the recent wildfires. 

In addition to SNB GIVES, State National Bank, its staff, families, and the Groom community at large, continue to provide assistance to those affected by the Panhandle Wildfires, offering shelter, food, clothing, livestock support, and coordinating with volunteers. 

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