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TBA partners with Pearl Meyer for 2024 Compensation Survey

The Texas Bankers Association proudly announces its collaboration with Pearl Meyer and Partners, LLC, for the publication of the 2024 Texas Bankers Association Compensation Survey. With over 25 years of expertise, Pearl Meyer has established itself as the foremost authority on compensation data within the banking industry. Trusted by numerous institutions, Pearl Meyer empowers organizations to shape their compensation strategies through the insights provided by their team of senior compensation consultants and survey experts. Among their esteemed banking survey suite are national, regional, and state Banking Compensation Surveys, the Banking Benefits and Human Resources Policies Survey, and the Banking Board of Director and Governance Practices Survey.

The forthcoming 2024 Texas Bankers Association Survey promises to be a vital resource, offering participants the opportunity to:

  • Delve into compensation trends across over 280 positions categorized by asset size and geographic area.
  • Gain insights into the evolving landscape of incentives.
  • Customize data analysis to suit specific organizational needs.

In an effort to enhance the survey experience, Pearl Meyer has introduced several improvements for the 2024 TBA Compensation Survey, including:

  • Granular data breakdowns based on asset and geographic parameters.
  • Provision of the TBA Compensation Report in both PDF and Excel formats.
  • User-friendly report layout featuring one job per page.
  • Assignment of a dedicated Survey Account Manager to each participating bank, offering support with inquiries and job matching.
  • Comprehensive data coverage encompassing various aspects such as base salaries, short-term and long-term incentives, and total compensation metrics.

For participants in the 2024 TBA Survey, an introductory report price of $195 is offered, with pricing reverting to the standard rate of $595 in 2025. Non-participants may obtain the report at a price of $1,475. Additionally, purchasers of the TBA report will receive a complimentary copy of the Pearl Meyer National Banking Compensation Report, drawing from data collected from over 550 institutions and over 126,000 incumbents in 2023.

Contact one of the Survey Account Managers listed below to receive instructions on accessing the survey participation materials. For any survey-related inquiries, please reach out to Jordan Gagnon at [email protected] or Rhonda Snyder at [email protected]. To learn more about Pearl Meyer, visit their website at

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