Are you missing out on non-interest income?

By David W. Saylor

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is your debit card program profitable?
  2. Is your bank’s debit card “top of wallet” — both physically and digitally?
  3. Are you maximizing the performance of your card portfolio?

More often than not, community banks are unsure of how to respond confidently to these questions. 

Many banks experience frustration when they try to understand the performance and profitability of their debit card program. In fact, most are missing out on much needed non-interest income.

Effectively managing and negotiating the expense and income associated with your debit card program will help your bank achieve new levels of profitability. Additionally, it can help subsidize key technology initiatives. 

Genesys offers turn-key solutions that will help your institution get the most out of its debit card portfolio while assisting your team with building healthy oversight of the performance of your card portfolio.

Contact us today for a free assessment and more information on our Debit Card Optimization services. 

David W. Saylor
[email protected]

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