Want to retain more employees? Lean on your HR team.

A major concern for companies right now is employee retention. If you want employees to stay put, you need an effective employee retention strategy. And your human resources (HR) team could be your biggest ally.

Here’s how your organization’s HR personnel can be an ideal partner and impact your employee retention strategy.

Hiring best practices

Retaining employees begins with hiring the right people from the start. The recruiting segment of your HR team can help:

  • Find prospects who align with your job requirements and company culture.
  • Guide prospects through the application process.
  • Ask proper interview questions to determine the right fit.

Onboarding help

HR experts can help you lead a solid onboarding program and avoid common new-hire missteps, allowing you to:

  • Help new employees adjust to their new role.
  • Assist them in getting acquainted with team members.
  • Ensure they understand the company perks available to them.

Compensation and benefits guidance

Compensation and benefits HR professionals can help put a reliable payroll process in place, plus:

  • Participate in compensation benchmarking.
  • Help your management team build a compensation strategy.
  • Maintain pay equity.

Want to learn more about obtaining HR support to complement your existing efforts to improve employee retention? Insperity can help. 

Aaron DelBosque
[email protected]

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