Community Banker Spotlight

Mike Milich

A man to trust in his profession

Mike W. Milich, J.D.
Senior EVP and Director of Trust, Frost Wealth Advisors

A man of many trades, Mike Milich found his calling in the trust world after playing the field of law where he enforced it as a police officer in his hometown of Port Arthur, and practicing law at a firm in Houston.

Milich leads the Frost Wealth Advisors team at Frost Bank in San Antonio, providing comprehensive wealth and asset management to individuals, families and institutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Milich has mastered a profound understanding of the complexities within this challenging sector.

Passion for trust and people

“I remember when I left the practice of law and started in this business. I knew almost immediately because it’s so different that I managed to find my way to exactly what I needed to be doing — what God intended me to do — the best possible job I could have found for my skill set,” Milich begins. “By nature, I’m very focused on relationships and people, helping them with problems and being a go-to person to solve whatever the issue is.”

Milich said he didn’t feel that level of fulfillment when he was practicing law due to the field being transactional. He proudly says working in the trust field is what continues to “spring me out of bed in the morning.”

He takes pride in mentoring young professionals entering the industry, recognizing the initial challenges they may find intimidating. “Helping people to channel that strength, energy and intelligence is really a passion of mine.”

Milich’s passion for trust goes beyond the confines of his job responsibilities. He relishes engaging in conversations with his customers’ families and the next generation of families to educate them about wealth and the stewardship of wealth.

Philosophy in approaching work

For Milich, the guiding philosophy in his approach to work boils down to the fundamental values upheld at Frost: Integrity, Caring and Excellence. These three core values, outlined in what he refers to as his “business bible,” otherwise professionally known as the bluebook, help Milich navigate finding solutions that “allow people to move on with their financial and personal lives.”

When it comes to the constantly changing economy, Milich spends time reading the Wall Street Journal every day to stay in tune with current geo-political and financial issues.

Milich is a devoted follower of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, prominent figures in business and investing, particularly recognized for their contributions to Berkshire Hathaway. He diligently follows their advice, immersing himself in their books to deepen his understanding of the investing world.

Milich emphasizes three pieces of wisdom from his time in the industry: consistently demonstrate punctuality, adhere to appropriate attire for every occasion and maintain a positive demeanor, as negativity is contagious.

Community involvement

As a South Texas Law of College Houston alum, Milich serves on the college’s Board of Directors. He has also served as a board member for the Houston Estate and Financial Forum and TBA’s Wealth Management & Trust Division. Milich is also an active member of his church.

Milich is a member of the Conopus Club in San Antonio — a lowkey community group. The very exclusive club hosts luncheon sessions featuring notable speakers in various fields, ranging from doctors, lawyers, historians and more.

“I’m not sure of all the things I’ve been involved in — my bio and history were reviewed closer by this group before they let me be a member,” he jokes.

Personal life

What sounds like a rom-com story line? Milich met his wife, Keri, during college, as the two were both student athletes. Milich was on the football team at Tulane University on a scholarship, while his wife was on the women’s basketball team. Their daughter, a geologist, lives in New Orleans with her husband, who is pursuing a medical degree at none other than Tulane.

When he’s not discussing trust and wealth management, Milich can be found hunting at his deer lease in East Texas, accompanied by his two loyal companions, a pair of English Cocker Spaniels.

Who is an inspirational figure in your life?
Mack Brown – former football coach at Tulane.

What is your favorite meal?
Fried chicken and french fries; red beans and rice; good Texas BBQ.

What is your favorite movie or television show?
The John Wick series and any film by the Cohen brothers.

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