David Osborn

David Osborn
TBA Chairman

Past and future TBA leadership

Well, it was just 12 months ago that I became Chairman of the Texas Bankers Association. What a memorable year it has been for Cindy and me. We have been honored to serve and humbled by the complete experience of serving Texas bankers over the past year. TBA is not only the largest state banking trade organization, but also the oldest, as we move into our 139th year of existence.

Today, TBA represents more than 375 banks, and we believe in building “Strong Banks for Stronger Communities.” In reality though, TBA is only as successful as our bank leadership and our professional staff. Are we making a difference? Do we represent all of our banks and communities? I believe the answer to both questions is a resounding “YES.”

Past chairmen of TBA

So let me start with our past chairmen of TBA since 2009 (I just don’t have the room to start from the beginning). This list is not only impressive, but these leaders are giants in Texas banking. Vic Pierson (2009), Wes Hoskins (2010), Jeff Austin III (2011), Jim Goudge (2012), Mike Mauldin (2013), Ignacio Urrabazo Jr. (2014), John Snider (2015), Ken Burgess Jr. (2016), Jim Purcell (2017), Jim Dreibelbis (2018), Gary Claxton (2019), Bobby Hoxworth (2020), Chip Jenkins III (2021), Rusty Rust III (2022) and Ford Sasser (2023).

I have learned so much from these past chairmen and it is a privilege to have a personal relationship with such great Texas bankers and leaders. They have all led us through good times, tough times and many, many changes in our industry. They also put in the time and effort to keep TBA moving forward and always making a difference. I am so thankful to each one of them for both their guidance and support.

This group of past Chairmen since 2009 is amazing, hardworking and just plain dedicated to our industry, Texas bankers and our communities.  They have traveled to Washington, D.C., around the U.S. and all over our great state of Texas to represent all of us.  

All of this leads me to our next chairman of TBA for 2024-2025 — Jan Mills, president & chairman of the board at First National Bank of Winnsboro. Jan is a true Texas community banker. She will be a great leader for TBA this coming year. Cindy and I have had the privilege to serve this year and work closely with Jan and her husband, Frank. Jan is a highly qualified banker. I look forward to her leadership over the next year. 

TBA board leadership

I can’t thank our current executive committee and board members enough for their support over the past year — they just make things happen. They represented all Texas bankers over the past year both in Austin and in Washington, D.C.  These men and women are so committed to our banking industry and have kept TBA on track, moving forward through the many industry challenges that we face today. Both Chris Furlow and I have felt their encouragement and support throughout the past 12 months. TBA is a member- and board-driven organization. Our past, current and future board members will make all the difference in our overall effectiveness as a Texas banking organization.  

TBA staff leadership — true professionals

Chris Furlow leads us today in an excellent and highly productive manner. He joined TBA in April 2018 and has never looked back. His wife, Jan, is also a very active supporter of TBA and all that we do. Our TBA staff leadership, under Chris, works tirelessly year after year to support Texas bankers. They are all true professionals and they are not only respected across Texas, but also by the American Bankers Association. After working closely with them for the past year, I can now tell you that they are all a class act and supporting and encouraging Texas bankers every day. We are truly one big banking family. I salute and thank our TBA staff leadership for a job well done over the past year!

Final message as chairman

You all have blessed Cindy and I over the past year. What an honor of a lifetime to serve and represent Texas bankers. So, my final thank you goes to Chris Furlow, Ford Sasser, Jan Mills and Ron Butler. I will never forget your support and friendship.

God bless Texas bankers, TBA and our communities. 


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