David Osborn

David Osborn
TBA Chairman

2024 – Well under way

We are all well underway for 2024 as we are completing our first quarter of the year. We are also still dealing with many of the same issues that challenged us in 2023. Hopefully, we will see some relief from high interest rates soon and our net interest margins will improve as we move through 2024. 

The regulatory burden still remains very high as many new regulations are pending with large impacts on our industry. Saying all of that, winter is over and the spring in Texas provides us all with new hope. We are blessed to be in Texas and operating with such a strong economy. 

Wealth Management & Trust

This issue of our TBA magazine focuses on Wealth Management & Trust along with some other issues. Chelsea Brown continues to provide our Texas banks with strong leadership for our Wealth Management & Trust banks. I also want to thank Curtis Groves (First State Bank) who has been Chairperson of our Wealth Management & Trust Council for his leadership and passion for this business area of our Texas banks. We welcome Elizabeth Hetrick (Broadway National Bank) who will become our new Chairperson for this division during the upcoming TBA Annual Convention, held May 8-10 in Arlington. 

Today we have 11 bankers who serve on this Council under Chelsea, and they all have been doing a tremendous job. The Wealth Management & Trust area continues to grow and provide a critical service for our Texas customers. The growth in personal wealth in Texas over the past 10 years has been nothing short of amazing. 

Financial literacy

I want to discuss the importance of financial literacy with you all. As Texas community bankers and TBA we have all been involved in financial literacy in our local communities, we know the impact it can have on both small businesses and individuals. TBA continues to support our banks with tools and programs to promote financial literacy across Texas. If your bank is looking for new ways to implement financial literacy in your market, please reach out to TBA for assistance. Your constant work as Texas bankers in your local communities is always rewarding and just the right thing to do. 

TBA Board

In early March, we held our last TBA board and committee meetings prior to our Annual Convention in May. I want to thank our executive committee and board members for their service to TBA over the past year. They have worked tirelessly to represent all Texas bankers as they help lead and provide support for TBA. These are great Texas bankers and I have been honored to be alongside each one of them. 

Finally, a special recognition for  Vice Chair Jan Mills, Treasurer Ron Butler and Immediate Past Chair Ford Sasser as they have all put in a great amount of time and effort to support me, Chris Furlow and the entire TBA organization over the past year. I will never forget their dedication, guidance and friendship. I know as we close out this year ending at our convention, TBA is in great hands moving forward into 2024-25. 

Member outreach

Lastly, I want to thank our TBA member relations team for all that they do for Texas bankers. Michele Carfello, Libby Clark and Mary Lange are absolutely the heart and soul of TBA. This year I have traveled all over our great state along with these ladies visiting our bankers and other groups. They are fully engaged with our membership and banks. Their goal is to visit each one of our banks at least once a year, if not more. 

Their positive attitude and knowledge of the services that TBA provides for our bankers is incredible. Be careful when you are around them because their enthusiasm will rub off on you. The miles they travel and the time they spend supporting TBA and our Texas bankers is an example of their contribution to the team. So, thank you Michele, Libby and Mary, you all are like family to many of us. Your dedication to our industry is vital to our ongoing success. 

So, enjoy your spring in Texas — 2024 is well under way. And don’t forget as Texas bankers we have so many things to be thankful for. By the way, I am thankful for each one of you! 

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